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When You Need Long Distance Towing From or To Carrollton

Most towing companies regard towing over distances greater than 30 miles as long distance tows. There are differences between local towing and long distance towing and we at CLC Towing Carrollton are aware of them all. We are reliable, highly professional and extremely competitively priced. We offer the public of Carrollton top class, comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services, long distance towing is naturally among them. We are available nonstop, 24 hours a day each and every day of the year.

Reliability and Professionalism are Key

So far as a long distance towing service is concerned reliability and professionalism are key issues. After all, you are going to place your vehicle in the hands of the towing techs for a fairly long time, they will be transporting your car (many times the most expensive item you own, apart from real-estate that is) over a great distance with many things that can go wrong on the way.
With CLC Towing you can rest assured that your car is in good hands, our techs are all highly skilled, certified professionals whom we provide with the most state of the art gear.

We Know What To Put the Emphasis On

There are inherent difference between local towing and a long distance towing service. As veteran providers of comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services in Houston we know all about these differences and so are in the best possible position to execute long distance tows.
Vehicles towed over long distances are many times in perfect working order, they may belong to families who are relocating, they may be vintage cars on their way to an exhibition or any other kind of special vehicle, not suited to be driven on highways, which needs to be transported to another town.

With CLC Towing Carrollton you can rest assured you are placing your vehicle in the most capable hands, the hands of techs who have the skill, the disposition and the most state of the art gear to ensure your vehicles arrives, on time, safe and sound at the designated far off destination.

Long Distance Towing as Part of a Complete Range of Services

CLC Towing offers any and all types of towing and roadside assistance services to Carrollton’s motoring community, among these are:

  • Flatbed and dolly towing
  • Light, medium and heavy duty towing
  • Flat battery jump starts and dead battery replacements
  • Out of gas filling
  • Flat tire changes
  • Emergency towing and accident removal
  • Off road recovery (“winch” service)
  • Local and long distance towing
  • Any other towing or roadside assistance service you may need.

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